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Mark Billman
Sterling Silver   14K Goldfilled   Niobium 
                                                                           April 28
Covid19 has changed many things for all of us.  As the next couple months of FESTIVALS  have been cancelled, I, like many of you, am making adjustments and creative choices primarily to keep myself, my family and community safe, but additionally to keep my business available to customers.    So.... I will be  adding a broader spectrum of my work to the website over the coming weeks. This will include my most popular styles and many new variations of Ear-Ups, Ear Cuffs, Swirls and Twirls, as well as many one-of-a-kind pieces of NIOBIUM, STERLING, 14K  YELLOW AND ROSE GOLD FILLED. I'll also be putting up instruction  videos.
Thanks,  and be well!
 All art festivals for the Florida spring season have been cancelled. I'll post updates for summer shows in Wisconsin and Illinois when available.

Ear-Ups     Ear Cuffs     Twirls